Tailoring of products of any complexity.

We work with leather, fur and fabric

Creating evening dresses.

Corsets, beaded fabrics
и пайетками

Handmade accessories.

Buttons and pins made of natural
stones, horns, mother-of-pearl, as well as brooches made of Czech beads

Decorative embroidery and applications.

Made of leather, fur, yarn and beautiful
pieces of fabric

Repair of products.

Fitting to the figure, replacing zippers, hemming
trousers and much more

Installation of metal fittings, tight fitting of buttons.

Installation of grommets, holnitens,
buttons, blocks


The variety of materials and styles emphasize the individuality

Sewing technologies of the best European
fashion houses

The work of experienced craftsmen creates
impeccable appearance

Tailoring taking into account all the features
figure ensures a perfect fit
and comfort

Fabrics and accessories of English
and Italian houses with rich


  1. Identifying your needs taking into account
    your desires, as well as taking measurements
  2. Drawing images, sketches of the products ordered by you and their approval
  3. Selection of fabric and accessories
  4. Fitting the product model and fitting to your figure
  5. Tailoring of the product and receiving the order