About the company

Ligredo is an experimental and design sewing laboratory, that develops and prints patterns for garment production, and offers wholesale sewing of garments.

The laboratory provides the following services to clothing brands and companies that make womenswear and menswear:

— developing models with regard to a customer's requirements;

— making samples according to the designed paper patterns for clothing to verify the fit of the garments and further adjusting the patterns and manufacturing processes;

— printing patterns on wide format plotter in DXF, PLO, PLT, PDF formats;

— construction and design of garments, pattern grading according to sketches, photos, and reference patterns;

— sewing clothes in batches of 5 and more pieces of one color and model;

— designing corporate apparel and corporate merchandise;

— sewing of evening dresses, corsets, beadwork and sequins.

Since 2018, Ligredo has been launching tailoring projects for men's and women's clothing of different styles, including haute couture, ready-to-wear luxury clothing. The lab's experts handle 1, 2, and 3-ply garments, and beyond. Ligredo's specialists use fabrics and accessories of English and Italian fashion houses. The laboratory applies sewing technologies of the best European fashion houses.

The company offers individually designed patterns and models of clothing at a customer's request and implementation of ideas of any complexity.